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US-5199884-A: Blind mating miniature connector patent, US-5276639-A: Superconductor magnetic memory cell and method for accessing the same patent, US-5397525-A: Method of forming a kayak having integrally formed hatch flange surrounding a hatch opening patent, US-5999228-A: Method of operating menu, electronic equipment and television receiver set patent, US-6119920-A: Method of forming an electronic package with a solder seal patent, US-6380590-B1: SOI chip having multiple threshold voltage MOSFETs by using multiple channel materials and method of fabricating same patent, US-6390739-B1: Power drivable chuck patent, US-6437824-B1: Image pickup apparatus and system patent, US-6539958-B1: Cooler flusher patent, US-6551589-B1: Method of reducing the chance of attack of cells in a body by the cellular immune systems patent, US-6737487-B2: Polyolefin block copolymers patent, US-4343401-A: Automobile containerized shipment support kit patent, US-4569605-A: Wire driving armature for dot printer patent, US-4746267-A: Pump arrangements patent, US-6038098-A: Rotary head apparatus with magnetic heads having respective gaps at azimuth angles which are not substantially equal to each other patent, US-4851720-A: Low power sense amplifier for programmable logic device patent, US-4936086-A: Apparatus for stripping yarn ends from spindles patent, US-4965117-A: Adhesive composition, process, and product patent, US-5044257-A: Rotary actuator and method for forming a rotary piston patent, US-5211895-A: Molding process for forming a concrete paving block patent, US-5252835-A: Machining oxide thin-films with an atomic force microscope: pattern and object formation on the nanometer scale patent, US-5297860-A: Brake control device patent, US-5375035-A: Capacitor mounting structure for printed circuit boards patent, US-5521797-A: Backlighting device patent, US-5538071-A: Machine and method of continuously casting a metal strip patent, US-5676329-A: Method for the automatic regulation of the thread tension in a bobbin-winding machine patent, US-5697415-A: Apparatus and method for routing fastner channels in frame pieces patent, US-5845987-A: Illuminated accessory and device patent, US-6084871-A: Method for synchronization of transmitter and receiver at mobile radio system patent, US-6235097-B1: Phthalocyanine compounds used in inks for ink jet printing patent, US-6455105-B1: Intermittent coating system and intermittent coating method patent, US-6490691-B1: Error recovery in a disk drive patent, US-6643990-B2: Modular molding system patent, US-4281694-A: Cutting guide for a router or similar tool patent, US-4453911-A: Blow mold patent, US-4493271-A: Coal or multifuel burner patent, US-4757258-A: Probe carrier system for inspecting boiler tubes patent, US-4873994-A: Device for determining the forces in the area of the contact surfaces between a spectacle frame and the head of the wearer patent, US-5472369-A: Centrifugal accelerator, system and method for removing unwanted layers from a surface patent, US-5611637-A: Furniture fitting patent, US-5716698-A: Peelable, heat-sealable, multilayer polyolefinic film, process for the production thereof, and the use thereof patent, US-5766662-A: Dietary fiber gels for calorie reduced foods and method for preparing the same patent, US-5790892-A: Information handling system for modifying coherency response set to allow intervention of a read command so that the intervention is not allowed by the system memory patent, US-5851960-A: Method of performing well drilling operations with a foamable drilling fluid patent, US-5926080-A: Level gage waveguide transitions and tuning method and apparatus patent, US-6494985-B1: Method and apparatus for polishing a substrate patent, US-6573130-B1: Process for manufacturing electronic devices having non-salicidated non-volatile memory cells, non-salicidated HV transistors, and salicidated-junction LV transistors patent, US-6681981-B2: Method and apparatus for prefabricating modular structural members patent, US-5322731-A: Adhesive beads patent, US-5359229-A: Apparatus for converting wave motion into electrical energy patent, US-5623356-A: Combined wavelength router and switch apparatus for use in a wavelength division multiplexed optical communication system patent, US-5656005-A: Method and apparatus for automatically forming corrugated sheets into block-shaped units of optimal size patent, US-5692033-A: AIN queuing for call-back system patent, US-6104156-A: Device for controlling the stopping of a motorized shrouding product patent, US-6426714-B1: Multi-level quantizer with current mode DEM switch matrices and separate DEM decision logic for a multibit sigma delta modulator patent, US-6461784-B1: Photosensitive printing plate having mat particles formed on the photosensitive layer and method of producing the same patent, US-6544384-B2: Pretreatment of chips before cooking patent, US-4790055-A: Method of assembling a fuel nozzle assembly patent, US-5282187-A: Picture orientation markable photo compact disk and method and apparatus for using same patent, US-5300338-A: Coextruded laminates containing polyketone polymers patent, US-5326625-A: Sealable, opaque, biaxially orientated multilayer polypropylene film, process for its production and its use patent, US-5473103-A: Biopolymers derived from hydrolyzable diacid fats patent, US-5609496-A: Air-tight connector assembly patent, US-5673704-A: Method of using endocardial impedance for determining electrode-tissue contact patent, US-5733093-A: Stack tube feeder patent, US-5822682-A: Communicating on a direct mode channel patent, US-4059969-A: Air conditioned shelter patent, US-4938863-A: Metals tolerant catalytic cracking catalyst, method of manufacture and use thereof patent, US-5206168-A: Method for small system wastewater denitrification patent, US-5438216-A: Light erasable multichip module patent, US-5468023-A: Subsea flow line connector patent, US-5585756-A: Gated integrator with signal baseline subtraction patent, US-5724863-A: Connecting rod patent, US-6196130-B1: Electrostatic arming apparatus for an explosive projectile patent, US-6456220-B1: Analog-to-digital converter for processing differential and single-ended inputs patent, US-6744539-B1: Solid-state image pick-up apparatus, driving method therefor, and image input apparatus patent, US-4870358-A: Angular position sensor and angular position determination means equipped with several of these sensors patent, US-5124817-A: Polysilicon emitter and a polysilicon gate using the same etch of polysilicon on a thin gate oxide patent, US-5281357-A: Protease containing heavy duty liquid detergent compositions comprising capsules comprising non-proteolytic enzyme and composite polymer patent, US-5430865-A: Hardware remote reset circuit patent, US-5956801-A: Articulated windshield wiper blade assembly and refill kit patent, US-6365794-B1: Microporous films comprising flocked fibers patent, US-6687232-B1: Subscriber loop terminal equipment-resident mechanism for determining bit rate of high-level data link control communication channel patent, US-6704042-B2: Video processing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium patent, US-5298427-A: Chemiluminescent detection of amino acids patent, US-5382789-A: Near field scanning optical microscope patent, US-5520458-A: Vertical shift mixing assembly patent, US-6194016-B1: Extraction process and use of yellow mustard gum patent, US-4920076-A: Method for enhancing growth of SiO2 in Si by the implantation of germanium patent, US-5457941-A: Envelope stuffing machine patent, US-5612173-A: One equivalent couplers and low PKA release dyes patent, US-6205731-B1: Front panel positioned in front of a facing construction patent, US-6488393-B1: Display lamp and method patent, US-4448492-A: Cycloalkyl-type isotropic dyes for liquid crystal display devices patent, US-4698546-A: Apparatus for forming electron beams patent, US-5321025-A: Benzothiaziny derivatives patent, US-5424130-A: Water repellent glass and process for producing the same patent, US-5561116-A: Solid product containing propolis components, and preparation and uses thereof patent, US-6365689-B1: Propylene/ethylene random copolymer, molding material, and molded article patent, US-6730845-B1: Electric component box with removable cover patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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